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TrinityMillTool >TapsCobalt Spiral Point Taps for Thru Holes → Emuge Rekord C-Ti Hi-Performance Taps, TiCN Coatedfor Exotic Alloys

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Emuge Rekord C-Ti Hi-Perfomance Taps, TiCN Coated for Exotic Alloys through hole tap for hard and stainless steels

Class 3B Sizes : Size ranges: 4-40 to 3/8-24
The spiral-pointed flutes drive the chips forward to prevent flute clogging. Lubricants flow freely.

Product Applications:
"Ni" Geometry designed especially for CNC controlled machines.

Materials: High CrNiTi alloyed Materials such as Inconel, Monel, and Hastelloy.

Coating: TiCN for better thread surface finishes, higher cutting speeds and longer tool life.

Chamfer: 4-5 threads.

Geometry. The cutting edge geometry is designed for machining titanium.

  • Program Overview

  • Order Number Description ThreadSize/Class of Fit Price Each
    EMU BU3096115003 Rekord Tap #4-40 UNC-3B #4-40 UNC-3B Call for Price
    EMU BU3096115004 Rekord Tap #5-40 UNC-3B #5-40 UNC-3B Call for Price
    EMU BU3096115005 Rekord Tap #6-32 UNC-3B 6-32 UNC-3B Call for Price
    EMU BU3096115006 Rekord Tap #8-32 UNC-3B #8-32 UNC-3B Call for Price
    EMU BU3096115007 Rekord Tap #10-24 UNC-3B #10-24 UNC-3B Call for Price
    EMU BU3096115009 Rekord Tap #1/4-20 UNC-3B 1/4-20 UNC-3B Call for Price
    EMU BU3096115010 Rekord Tap #5/16-18 UNC-3B 5/16-18 UNC-3B Call for Price
    EMU BU3096115011 Rekord Tap #3/8-16 UNC-3B 3/8-16 UNC-3B Call for Price
    EMU BU3096115041 Rekord Tap #10-32 UNF-3B #10-32 UNF-3B Call for Price
    EMU BU3096115043 Rekord Tap #1/4-28 UNF-3B 1/4-28 UNF-3B Call for Price
    EMU BU3096115044 Rekord Tap #5/16-24 UNF-3B 5/16-24 UNF-3B Call for Price
    EMU BU3096115045 Rekord Tap #3/8-24 UNF-3B 3/8-24 UNF-3B Call for Price
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