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TrinityMillTool >TapsCobalt Spiral Flute Tap for Blind Holes → Emuge Enorm Va-Ne2 All purpose Taps,Surface Treated

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Emuge Enorm VA-Ne2 All purpose Taps, Surface Treated For Blind Holes In Exotic Alloys
Class 2B & 3B UNC and UNF Sizes: Size ranges: #0-80 – #3/8-24

These taps are fast spiral flute taps for blind hole applications in stainless steel and heat resistant alloys. Ne2 Nitride case and ferrous oxide surface treatment for optimum performance . Cobalt enriched High Speed Steel

Chamfer:2-3 threads.

Materials: The blue ring mark is a visual indication of the cutting edge geometry. Rake and relief angles are designed for machining difficult materials such as stainless steels and acid-resistant steels, heat-treated parts, alloyed steel castings, tool steels and similar materials.

  • Program Overview

  • Order Number Description ThreadSize/Class of Fit Price Each
    EMU BU5032005000 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 No.1-64 2B No.1-64 UNC 2B Call for Price
    EMU BU5032105000 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 No.1-64 3B No.1-64 UNC 3B Call for Price
    EMU BU5032005001 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 No.2-56 2B No.2-56 UNC 2B Call for Price
    EMU BU5032105001 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 No.2-56 3B No.2-56 UNC 3B Call for Price
    EMU BU5032005002 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 No.3-48 2B No.3-48 UNC 2B Call for Price
    EMU BU5032105002 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 No.3-48 3B No.3-48 UNC 3B Call for Price
    EMU BU5032005003 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 No.4-40 2B No.4-40 UNC 2B Call for Price
    EMU BU5032105003 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 No.4-40 3B No.4-40 UNC 3B Call for Price
    EMU BU5032005004 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 No.5-40 2B No.5-40 UNC 2B Call for Price
    EMU BU5032105004 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 No.5-40 3B No.5-40 UNC 3B Call for Price
    EMU BU5032005005 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 No.6-32 2B No.6-32 UNC 2B Call for Price
    EMU BU5032105005 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 No.6-32 3B No.6-32 UNC 3B Call for Price
    EMU BU5032005006 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 No.8-32 2B No.8-32 UNC 2B Call for Price
    EMU BU5032105006 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 No.8-32 3B No.8-32 UNC 3B Call for Price
    EMU BU5032105007 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 No.10-24 3B No.10-24 UNC 3B Call for Price
    EMU BU5032005007 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 No.10-24 2B No.10-24 UNC 2B Call for Price
    EMU BU5032005008 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 No.12-24 2B No.12-24 UNC 2B Call for Price
    EMU BU5032105008 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 No.12-24 3B No.12-24 UNC 3B Call for Price
    EMU BU5032005009 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 1/4-20 2B 1/4-20 UNC 2B Call for Price
    EMU BU5032105009 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 1/4-20 3B 1/4-20 UNC 3B Call for Price
    EMU BU5032005010 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 5/16-18 2B 5/16-18 UNC 2B Call for Price
    EMU BU5032105010 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 5/16-18 3B 5/16-18 UNC 3B Call for Price
    EMU BU5032005011 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 3/8-16 2B 3/8-16 UNC 2B Call for Price
    EMU BU5032105011 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 3/8-16 3B 3/8-16 UNC 3B Call for Price
    EMU BU5032005033 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 No.0-80 UNF 2B No.0-80 UNF 2B Call for Price
    EMU BU5032105033 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 No.0-80 UNF 3B No.0-80 UNF 3B Call for Price
    EMU BU5032005034 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 No.1-72 UNF 2B No.1-72 UNF 2B Call for Price
    EMU BU5032105034 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 No.1-72 UNF 3B No.1-72 UNF 3B Call for Price
    EMU BU5032005035 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 No.2-64 UNF 2B No.2-64 UNF 2B Call for Price
    EMU BU5032105035 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 No.2-64 UNF 3B No.2-64 UNF 3B Call for Price
    EMU BU5032005036 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 No.3-56 UNF 2B No.3-56 UNF 2B Call for Price
    EMU BU5032105036 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 No.3-56 UNF 3B No.3-56 UNF 3B Call for Price
    EMU BU5032005037 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 No.4-48 UNF 2B No.4-48 UNF 2B Call for Price
    EMU BU5032105037 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 No.4-48 UNF 3B No.4-48 UNF 3B Call for Price
    EMU BU5032005038 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 No.5-44 UNF 2B No.5-44 UNF 2B Call for Price
    EMU BU5032105038 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 No.5-44 UNF 3B No.5-44 UNF 3B Call for Price
    EMU BU5032005039 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 No.6-40 UNF 2B No.6-40 UNF 2B Call for Price
    EMU BU5032105039 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 No.6-40 UNF 3B No.6-40 UNF 3B Call for Price
    EMU BU5032005040 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 No.8-36 UNF 2B No.8-36 UNF 2B Call for Price
    EMU BU5032105040 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 No.8-36 UNF 3B No.8-36 UNF 3B Call for Price
    EMU BU5032005041 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 No.10-32 UNF 2B No.10-32 UNF 2B Call for Price
    EMU BU5032105041 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 No.10-32 UNF 3B No.10-32 UNF 3B Call for Price
    EMU BU5032005042 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 No.12-28 UNF 2B No.12-28 UNF 2B Call for Price
    EMU BU5032105042 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 No.12-28 UNF 3B No.12-28 UNF 3B Call for Price
    EMU BU5032005043 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 1/4-28 UNF 2B 1/4-28 UNF 2B Call for Price
    EMU BU5032105043 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 1/4-28 UNF 3B 1/4-28 UNF 3B Call for Price
    EMU BU5032005044 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 5/16-24 UNF 2B 5/16-24 UNF 2B Call for Price
    EMU BU5032105044 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 5/16-24 UNF 3B 5/16-24 UNF 3B Call for Price
    EMU BU5032005045 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 3/8-24 UNF 2B 3/8-24 UNF 2B Call for Price
    EMU BU5032105045 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 3/8-24 UNF 3B 3/8-24 UNF 3B Call for Price
    EMU BO2030000020 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 M2x.4 6H M2x.4 6H Call for Price
    EMU BO2030000025 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 M2.5x.45 6H M2.5x.45 6H Call for Price
    EMU BO2030000030 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 M3x.5 6H M3x.5 6H Call for Price
    EMU BO2030000035 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 M3.5x.6 6H M3.5x.6 6H Call for Price
    EMU BO2030000040 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 M4x.7 6H M4x.7 6H Call for Price
    EMU BO2030000045 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 M4.5x.75 6H M4.5x.75 6H Call for Price
    EMU BO2030000050 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 M5x.8 6H M5x.8 6H Call for Price
    EMU BO2030000060 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 M6x1.0 6H M6x1.0 6H Call for Price
    EMU BO2030000080 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 M8x1.25 6H M8x1.25 6H Call for Price
    EMU BO2030000100 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 M10x1.5 6H M10x1.5 6H Call for Price
    EMU B02030000210 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 M4x.5 6H M4x.5 6H Call for Price
    EMU B02030000218 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 M5x.5 6H M5x.5 6H Call for Price
    EMU B02030000229 Tap Enorm-Va Ne2 M6x.75 6H M6x.75 6H Call for Price
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