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TrinityMillTool >TapsCobalt Spiral Point Taps for Thru Holes → Emuge Reckord B-Z Hi-Performance Taps,TiN Coated Surface Treated

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Emuge Rekord B-Z Hi-Performance Spiral Point Taps, TiN coated Through hole tap for hard and stainless steels
Class 2B Sizes : Size ranges: 16-14 to ¾-16 and Metric M12-M20
The spiral-pointed flutes drive the chips forward to prevent flute clogging. TiN Coating. for better thread surface finishes, higher cutting speeds and longer tool life.

Chamfer: Form "B" 4-5 Threads

Product Applications: "Z" Geometry designed especially for CNC controlled machines.

Cobalt enrich High Speed Steel.
  1. Structural and free cutting steels and heat treated steel within tensile strength ranges from 58000 to 116000 PSI (119 BHN-22HRc) used in conjunction with good quality emulsions with a mixture ratio of approximately 1: up to 1:15.
  2. For stainless and acid resistant steels. Recommended for use with cutting oils or special emulsions with compression-proof additives of good quality.
  3. For forged parts, heat-treated materials, tool steels, steel castings, and high alloy steel castings.
  4. Almost all aluminum alloys can be worded with our tap "Z" without having to change rake angle or chamfer. Emulsions with a mixture of 1:12 up to 1:15 are sufficient as coolant and lubricant.
  5. For working nickel, nickel alloys and some titanium alloys. The use of cutting oil or pastes of high quality is required.

  • Program Overview

  • Order Number Description ThreadSize/Class of Fit Price Each
    EMU CU2037015012 Tap Rekord TiN 2B-Z No.7/16-14 UNC-2B 7/16-14 UNC-2B Call for Price
    EMU CU2037015013 Tap Rekord TiN 2B-Z No.1/2-13 UNC-2B 1/2-13 UNC-2B Call for Price
    EMU CU2037015014 Tap Rekord TiN 2B-Z No.9/16-12 UNC-2B 9/16-12 UNC-2B Call for Price
    EMU CU2037015015 Tap Rekord TiN 2B-Z No.5/8-11 UNC-2B 5/8-11 UNC-2B Call for Price
    EMU CU2037015016 Tap Rekord TiN 2B-Z No.3/4-10 UNC-2B 3/4-10 UNC-2B Call for Price
    EMU CU2037015046 Tap Rekord TiN 2B-Z No.7/16-20 UNF-2B 7/16-20 UNF-2B Call for Price
    EMU CU2037015047 Tap Rekord TiN 2B-Z No.1/2-20 UNF-2B 1/2-20 UNF-2B Call for Price
    EMU CU2037015048 Tap Rekord TiN 2B-Z No.9/16-18 UNF-2B 9/16-18 UNF-2B Call for Price
    EMU CU2037015049 Tap Rekord TiN 2B-Z No.5/8-18 UNF-2B 5/8-18 UNF-2B Call for Price
    EMU CU2037015050 Tap Rekord TiN 2B-Z No.3/4-16 UNF-2B 3/4-16 UNF-2B Call for Price
    EMU C02037010112 Tap Rekord TiN 2B-Z No.M12-6HX-2B M12-6HX-2B Call for Price
    EMU C02037010116 Tap Rekord TiN 2B-Z No.M16-6HX -2B M16-6HX -2B Call for Price
    EMU C02037010120 Tap Rekord TiN 2B-Z No.M20-6HX-2B M20-6HX-2B Call for Price
    EMU C02037010251 Tap Rekord TiN 2B-Z No.M8x1.0-6HX-2B M8x1.0-6HX-2B Call for Price
    EMU C02037010276 Tap Rekord TiN 2B-Z No.M 10X1-6HX-2B M 10X1-6HX-2B Call for Price
    EMU C02037010277 Tap Rekord TiN 2B-Z No.M10x1.25-6HX-2B M10x1.25-6HX-2B Call for Price
    EMU C02037010303 Tap Rekord TiN 2B-Z No.M12x1.5-6HX-2B M12x1.5-6HX-2B Call for Price
    EMU C02037010331 Tap Rekord TiN 2B-Z No.M14x1.5-6HX-2B M14x1.5-6HX-2B Call for Price
    EMU C02037010359 Tap Rekord TiN 2B-Z No.M16x1.5-6HX-2B M16x1.5-6HX-2B Call for Price
    EMU C02037010390 Tap Rekord TiN 2B-Z No.M18x1.5-6HX-2B M18x1.5-6HX-2B Call for Price
    EMU C02037010422 Tap Rekord TiN 2B-Z No.M20x1.5-6HX-2B M20x1.5-6HX-2B Call for Price
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