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TrinityMillTool >TapsCobalt Spiral Point Taps for Thru Holes → Emuge Reckord B-VA All Purpose,Surface Treated

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Emuge Rekord B-VA All Purpose Spiral Point Taps
Through hole tap for hard and stainless steels
Class 1-2-3 B Sizes : Size ranges: 1-64 to 1-8
The spiral-pointed flutes drive the chips forward to prevent flute clogging. Lubricants flow freely.

Product Applications: Material. A.I.S.I. 200, 300, 400 and 500 stainless steels, inconels, monels, hastelloys, waspalloys and renes. The optimized edge geometry on this style allows it to be used for machining hardened and tempered steels and tool steels with tensile strengths ranging from 101,000 to 203,000 psi (207 BHN - 44 Rc) as well as tough bronze and electrolytic copper. Other applications are heat-treatable steels and materials of high tensile strength.

Special Features:
? Coating. Coated taps allow a considerable increase of cutting speed and offer
extended tool life.
? 4-5 thread Chamfer. The chamfer shape and cutting efficiency correspond with
Rekord B.
? Geometry. Adapted for working heat-resistant and stainless steel materials.

Material Grade:
HSS-E Cobalt enriched high speed steel with black oxide surface finish.

  • Program Overview

  • Order Number Description ThreadSize/Class of Fit Price Each
    EMU BU2030005000 Tap Rekord 1B-VA No.1-64 2B No.1-64 UNC 2B Call for Price
    EMU BU2030105000 Tap Rekord 1B-VA No.1-64 3B No.1-64 UNC 3B Call for Price
    EMU BU2030005001 Tap Rekord 1B-VA No.2-56 2B No.2-56 UNC 2B Call for Price
    EMU BU2030105001 Tap Rekord 1B-VA No.2-56 3B No.2-56 UNC 3B Call for Price
    EMU BU2030005002 Tap Rekord 1B-VA No.3-48 2B No.3-48 UNC 2B Call for Price
    EMU BU2030105002 Tap Rekord 1B-VA No.3-48 3B No.3-48 UNC 3B Call for Price
    EMU BU2030005003 Tap Rekord 1B-VA No.4-40 2B No.4-40 UNC 2B Call for Price
    EMU BU2030105003 Tap Rekord 1B-VA No.4-40 3B No.4-40 UNC 3B Call for Price
    EMU BU2030005004 Tap Rekord 1B-VA No.5-40 2B No.5-40 UNC 2B Call for Price
    EMU BU2030105004 Tap Rekord 1B-VA No.5-40 3B No.5-40 UNC 3B Call for Price
    EMU BU2030005005 Tap Rekord 1B-VA No.6-32 2B No.6-32 UNC 2B Call for Price
    EMU BU2030105005 Tap Rekord 1B-VA No.6-32 3B No.6-32 UNC 3B Call for Price
    EMU BU2030005006 Tap Rekord 1B-VA No.8-32 2B No.8-32 UNC 2B Call for Price
    EMU BU2030105006 Tap Rekord 1B-VA No.8-32 3B No.8-32 UNC 3B Call for Price
    EMU BU2030105007 Tap Rekord 1B-VA No.10-24 3B No.10-24 UNC 3B Call for Price
    EMU BU2030005007 Tap Rekord 1B-VA No.10-24 2B No.10-24 UNC 2B Call for Price
    EMU BU2030005008 Tap Rekord 1B-VA No.12-24 2B No.12-24 UNC 2B Call for Price
    EMU BU2030105008 Tap Rekord 1B-VA No.12-24 3B No.12-24 UNC 3B Call for Price
    EMU BU2030005009 Tap Rekord 1B-VA 1/4-20 2B 1/4-20 UNC 2B Call for Price
    EMU BU2030105009 Tap Rekord 1B-VA 1/4-20 3B 1/4-20 UNC 3B Call for Price
    EMU BU2030005010 Tap Rekord 1B-VA 5/16-18 2B 5/16-18 UNC 2B Call for Price
    EMU BU2030105010 Tap Rekord 1B-VA 5/16-18 3B 5/16-18 UNC 3B Call for Price
    EMU BU2030005011 Tap Rekord 1B-VA 3/8-16 2B 3/8-16 UNC 2B Call for Price
    EMU BU2030105011 Tap Rekord 1B-VA 3/8-16 3B 3/8-16 UNC 3B Call for Price
    EMU BU2030005033 Tap Rekord 1B-VA No.0-80 UNF 2B No.0-80 UNF 2B Call for Price
    EMU BU2030105033 Tap Rekord 1B-VA No.0-80 UNF 3B No.0-80 UNF 3B Call for Price
    EMU BU2030005034 Tap Rekord 1B-VA No.1-72 UNF 2B No.1-72 UNF 2B Call for Price
    EMU BU2030105034 Tap Rekord 1B-VA No.1-72 UNF 3B No.1-72 UNF 3B Call for Price
    EMU BU2030005035 Tap Rekord 1B-VA No.2-64 UNF 2B No.2-64 UNF 2B Call for Price
    EMU BU2030105035 Tap Rekord 1B-VA No.2-64 UNF 3B No.2-64 UNF 3B Call for Price
    EMU BU2030005036 Tap Rekord 1B-VA No.3-56 UNF 2B No.3-56 UNF 2B Call for Price
    EMU BU2030105036 Tap Rekord 1B-VA No.3-56 UNF 3B No.3-56 UNF 3B Call for Price
    EMU BU2030005037 Tap Rekord 1B-VA No.4-48 UNF 2B No.4-48 UNF 2B Call for Price
    EMU BU2030105037 Tap Rekord 1B-VA No.4-48 UNF 3B No.4-48 UNF 3B Call for Price
    EMU BU2030005038 Tap Rekord 1B-VA No.5-44 UNF 2B No.5-44 UNF 2B Call for Price
    EMU BU2030105038 Tap Rekord 1B-VA No.5-44 UNF 3B No.5-44 UNF 3B Call for Price
    EMU BU2030005039 Tap Rekord 1B-VA No.6-40 UNF 2B No.6-40 UNF 2B Call for Price
    EMU BU2030105039 Tap Rekord 1B-VA No.6-40 UNF 3B No.6-40 UNF 3B Call for Price
    EMU BU2030005040 Tap Rekord 1B-VA No.8-36 UNF 2B No.8-36 UNF 2B Call for Price
    EMU BU2030105040 Tap Rekord 1B-VA No.8-36 UNF 3B No.8-36 UNF 3B Call for Price
    EMU BU2030005041 Tap Rekord 1B-VA No.10-32 UNF 2B No.10-32 UNF 2B Call for Price
    EMU BU2030105041 Tap Rekord 1B-VA No.10-32 UNF 3B No.10-32 UNF 3B Call for Price
    EMU BU2030005042 Tap Rekord 1B-VA No.12-28 UNF 2B No.12-28 UNF 2B Call for Price
    EMU BU2030105042 Tap Rekord 1B-VA No.12-28 UNF 3B No.12-28 UNF 3B Call for Price
    EMU BU2030005043 Tap Rekord 1B-VA 1/4-28 UNF 2B 1/4-28 UNF 2B Call for Price
    EMU BU2030105043 Tap Rekord 1B-VA 1/4-28 UNF 3B 1/4-28 UNF 3B Call for Price
    EMU BU2030005044 Tap Rekord 1B-VA 5/16-24 UNF 2B 5/16-24 UNF 2B Call for Price
    EMU BU2030105044 Tap Rekord 1B-VA 5/16-24 UNF 3B 5/16-24 UNF 3B Call for Price
    EMU BU2030005045 Tap Rekord 1B-VA 3/8-24 UNF 2B 3/8-24 UNF 2B Call for Price
    EMU BU2030105045 Tap Rekord 1B-VA 3/8-24 UNF 3B 3/8-24 UNF 3B Call for Price
    EMU BO2030000020 Tap Rekord 1B-VA M2x.4 6H M2x.4 6H Call for Price
    EMU BO2030000025 Tap Rekord 1B-VA M2.5x.45 6H M2.5x.45 6H Call for Price
    EMU BO2030000030 Tap Rekord 1B-VA M3x.5 6H M3x.5 6H Call for Price
    EMU BO2030000035 Tap Rekord 1B-VA M3.5x.6 6H M3.5x.6 6H Call for Price
    EMU BO2030000040 Tap Rekord 1B-VA M4x.7 6H M4x.7 6H Call for Price
    EMU BO2030000045 Tap Rekord 1B-VA M4.5x.75 6H M4.5x.75 6H Call for Price
    EMU BO2030000050 Tap Rekord 1B-VA M5x.8 6H M5x.8 6H Call for Price
    EMU BO2030000060 Tap Rekord 1B-VA M6x1.0 6H M6x1.0 6H Call for Price
    EMU BO2030000080 Tap Rekord 1B-VA M8x1.25 6H M8x1.25 6H Call for Price
    EMU BO2030000100 Tap Rekord 1B-VA M10x1.5 6H M10x1.5 6H Call for Price
    EMU B02030000210 Tap Rekord 1B-VA M4x.5 6H M4x.5 6H Call for Price
    EMU B02030000218 Tap Rekord 1B-VA M5x.5 6H M5x.5 6H Call for Price
    EMU B02030000229 Tap Rekord 1B-VA M6x.75 6H M6x.75 6H Call for Price
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